Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love.

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Haven’t met them yet but realizing that our relationship wasn’t as real as I thought.

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27.Aug.14 4 hours ago
Why did you switch schools?

I went to Seattle University for my freshman year and the rain and cloudy weather actually affected me a lot.  I got SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is basically winter depression; which essentially came with a lack of motivation, emotions, and missing home.  I came to realize that I didn’t have the same interests as the majority of people there.  I hate living in the middle of downtown.  There was a stabbing on campus, several gunmen, etc.  Colorado has better opportunities for Environmental Science, skiing, and being close to people I know and a shit load more sunshine.

26.Aug.14 1 day ago

So the packing commences. T-minus 5 days until Denver. Thank god.

This summer was a fun one, but ultimately ready to start my life, and begin to leave PC behind.  Beyond ready to be shit-faced through out summer camp (orientation) with a rad kid.  Extremely anxious and excited to see what this school year holds for me.  Hoping when I come home, you and I are no longer associated with one another, and hoping people begin to realize, and you, that I’m not your property anymore and there is no control. GOOD VIBES ONLY THIS SCHOOL YEAR.

25.Aug.14 2 days ago
25.Aug.14 2 days ago