First night in Colorado and it was a blast.

Got a taste of what college should actually be like

31.Aug.14 16 hours ago

SUMMA 2K14. one for the record books.

This summer had its up and downs, but its was incredibly memorable.  From what are the odds, snow in June, dressing up like storm troopers, beautiful hikes, camping, hanging with the girls, blacked out nights, 3rd and 4th, Peru, llamas, lip tats, messy relationships, bad decisions, random nights, visits from Seattle, love confessions, pros, Vernal, Shwayze, sneaking into expensive climbing events, lax captains, rope swings, Stewart Falls, third wheeling, bonding time with the fam, good vibes, good music, good people.

29.Aug.14 2 days ago

Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love.

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Haven’t met them yet but realizing that our relationship wasn’t as real as I thought.

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27.Aug.14 4 days ago